Annette Garten

Chico CA real estate
I am 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals, whether purchasing your first home or your third investment property.

I was one year old when I moved to Chico with my family and I am pretty sure by the time I was three, I was already looking at homes with my mom and dad. It seemed to be their favorite past time. Who was I to argue, I always had the greatest time when we viewed homes. I even became a pseudo interior designer. I think I was about 8, when I boldly announced to my parents that they were terrible decorators. My family seemed to think I was destined for a career in Real Estate.

Here I am at age 50, with a career in Real Estate. It does not seem like I have spent the last 15 years buying and selling homes. To say we, as agents are life long learners is an understatement. Everyday, I learn something new within this business. Real Estate is definitely not something you know inside and out. We are graced daily with new and innovative ways to run our business and we are constantly educated with each escrow. Having said that, I invest many hours to continued education in order to provide my clients with the best service possible.

I began this journey in 2003. I was enamored and totally motivated. It was this obvious motivation, that caught the eye of a Real Estate Investor. He needed a runner (someone to knock on doors of homes in foreclosure). So it began, (my much anticipated career)! would map out all the homes and knock on about 40 doors a day. I was quite successful at this and was deeply satisfied with what I was doing.

 It was during this time that I realized the importance of listening to my clients needs and desires, but also understanding their financial limits. Consulting so many homeowners on their finances, I became intrigued with the number of people that needed credit advice and desperately needed help with Debt Consolidation. This curiosity led me to learn the loan side of Real Estate, as well as the sales side. This education has been invaluable in helping many of my clients get out of debt, while also advising on making wise financial investments in Real Estate. My clients well being ALWAYS come first with me. Real Estate is not about the paycheck, but about building relationships based on trust.

The foundation of my business has always been. “Putting My Client First. My philosophy is: “Walk a mile in the shoes of your client; and treat him or her as you want to be treated”.

I am 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals, whether purchasing your first home or your third investment property. I pride myself on being professional, honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable in the Real Estate Market.

You can be assured that your needs as my client will always be my top priority. I am committed to excellence by utilizing the latest technology, market research and business strategies to exceed your expectations.